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The Neversink River flows through seven towns and three counties all in New York State

The Neversink River flows through each of our communities - from Shandaken in the heart of the Catskill mountains to Port Jervis on the Delaware River - we share a common resource. Go to your own town's home page and let them know you support the Neversink River  as the central, essential, asset for retaining our rural way of life and insuring prosperity for our children. The Neversink River flows through these seven towns and three counties all in New York State. Scroll down to see your townships listed by county.


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The Town of Deerpark
The towns (our communities) along the banks of the Neversink River have long appreciated and treasured the river. Each has made commitments to the health of the river and the quality of the watershed - mostly alone. We think it is time to join together and create a synergy that will enhance and expand our local efforts to preserve the river valley for the future.  

The Neversink River has been a sleepy "Rip Van Winkle" style  valley for the first two centuries of the USA. Things are changing

New development and a major population growth is fast discovering the Neversink River Valley - some good - some not so good. If there is one thing that has characterized our vallley  from the time of the Leni Lenape it is the tolerant acceptence of "newcomers". We grow naturally and our economic survival relies on 'new people' finding the joy and comforts of living and raising a family here.