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There are many group that include the Neversink River Valley in their mission statements. We have listed many here and will continue to add to the list.

Select from this list to link directly to an organization, or scroll down to read a brief description.
The River Network
The River Network Partnership Program
Catskill Mountain Keepers
The Nature Conservancy
River Keeper
Water Keeper Alliance
Catskill Streams
NY NJ Botanical Society
American Rivers
And the Sullivan County Audubon Society has a website -

The River Network

The River Network is a broad based national organization working to provide the best pactices and successful strategies to small local groups like The Old Stone House. They have been very helpful already by channeling aid opportunities and keeping us informed to the latest developments in the national efforts to preserve our naural water ways. We recommend that everyone join the River Network to support the important work they are doing.

The RN Patnership Program
The River Network Partner providess access to a world of information, expert analysis, strategic and tactical material, and possibly most important - well informed friends to look to for guidence as we achieve our goals of developing a broad support for the health of the river, and an informed watershed awareness by our local politicians.
Catskill Mountain Keepers mission is to protect the ecological integrity of the Catskill Mountain range and the quality of life of all those who live there. Through a network of concerned citizens, we work to promote sustainable economic growth and the protection of natural resources essential to healthy communities.

For our Feathered Friends

The Sullivan County Audubon Society website is 

Search The Nature Consevancy for much more information  about the Neversink river
Scroll down this site to the DELAWARE SYSTEM read their references to the Neversink reservoir and get a good feel for the context of our watershed in relation to the region. River Keeper is the powerhouse water body preservationist organization in New York State. River Keeper networks have formed all around the world. We in the Neversink valley are flanked by healthy, successful River Keepers. To our west we have the Delaware River Keepers, To the East we have the Hudson River Keepers. Right here inSullivan County we have the Mongaup Valley River Keepers. Each local River Keeper  member organization benefits from the vast experience and energy and rsources of the parent River Keeper while added to ther synergetic sum with their initiative and commitment.
Water Keeper is among the pre-emnent world umbrella organization serving the cause of fresh water preservation and restoration. River Keepers were a founding member of the formation of Water Keeper Alliance. If we believe free fresh clean clear water in our right. We would all do well to learn from and learn from snf support the world class water keepers
American Rivers
This is a national program with many very large projects
Uof Conn NEMO
U of Conn NEMO
U of Conn
This is a University of Connecticut program

Catskill Streams

Catskill streams

ny nj botanical
Select the link to to Natural Places, West of Hudson and scroll down to Sullivan County
The many national oganizations listed here  demonstrates our deeply held commitment to preserving our natural environments. Most working people in small communities don't think of themselves as "tree huggers". Yet virtually all of our neighbors here, and around the country, know and love their hills and valleys, rivers, and lakes. We know how much the land and water is at the heart of the American way of life. This is not a "new movement"; it is one of the oldest.

 We join a growing majority of Americans that recognized the centrality of our natural resources to our lives, communities, our economic prosperity. We see it as our obligation to preserve what we have inherited from those before us; a beautiful, natural, wholesome place to grow up and live in.