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The Catskill Watershed "West of the Hudson" is a large area of the Catskill mountains that constitutes the majority of the drinking water supply of New York City.

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Catskill Watershed Corporation
'West of the Hudson' Map
Catskill Center for Conservation and Development
The Catskill Watershed Corporation
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The Catskill Watershed Corporation is a Local Development Corporation established to protect the water resources of the New York City Watershed West of the Hudson River (WOH); to preserve and strengthen communities located in the region; and to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of the NYC Water System. - CWC

The CWC was created to insure a balance between the rigorous  constraints on the water quality within the watershed,  and the interests of home owners and business people who live there. They're services are provided principally to the "above the dam" watershed communties. We regard them as a 'big sister' and hope to learn from them and look to them for guidance as we grow and serve our communities. -NC
The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development


The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development is a member-supported, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization serving the Catskill Mountain region of New York State. The Catskill Center stimulates, conducts, and supports integrated actions to protect vital ecosystems and unique landscapes, to enhance economic opportunities for all the region's residents, to preserve cultural and historic assets and to further a regional vision and spirit. - CCCD

We hope to learn from the CCCD has developed and learn from their experience. They also an important learning center for their members and others. - NC

The Catskill Geological Information Service

Catskill GIS

The Catskill GIS is a fabulous resource for maps and information about the Catskill mountains and their historic importance as a watershed and natural environment. We found this link off of the CCCD's pages above). We thought they merited a seperate listing, but it is a good example of the valuable services provided by the CCCD.

These are some of the most beautiful maps we have seen. There is a wealth of information presentated especially the visual information - NC