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The entire Neversink River Watershed is the only one remaining major tributary to the Delaware Watershed  water supply system unrepresented by a caretaker preservation organization in New York State. With the help of the our neighbors we hope to remedy that oversight.

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental  Protection 

What we do here in the Neversink River Valley has significant consequences downstream. We are the largest contributing watershed of the Delaware Valley Watershed. The Neversink enters the Delaware river just below the Upper Delaware National and Scenic Recrational River within which the water quality is required to meet very high standards. Two thirds of Sullivan County waterways are upstream from the UDNS&RR.

Below the confluence of the Neversink into the Delaware there is the Delaware River Watergap, another pristine park enviroment. Further downstream the New Jersey water supply system monitors water quality closely; and they have formally indentified the health of Neversink River watershed as the primary factor in the potential degradation of their overall water supply.

What we do locally on the Neversink River impacts these very high quality, valuable clean water assets. We will have to answer for any neglegence in our stuartship. Any environmental descisions made without accounting for our place in these larger regulated watersheds could have costly consequences.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental  Protection 

nj dep
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