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Neversink Commons is a Community Catalog of neighbors and organizations active in preserving the Natural Resources of the Neversink River Valley for generations to follow.

Welcome to the Neversink Commons , our catalog of Resources where we have tried to provide information that might be useful to anyone invested in the health of the entire Neversink River Watershed; from Slide mountain in the heart of the Catskills to Port Jervis at the confluence with the Delaware River.

The Neversink River Watershed above the reservoir is very well cared for by NYS and NYC. We hope to create a growing awareness of the Neversink River Watershed below the reservoir. Something for us "below the damn waters", so to speak.
Many people and organizations have been busy caring for the river and we have listed many here. The history and beauty of our crystal clear, clean fresh waters is recognized world wide.

We who live here feel it is incumbent upon us to do more to safeguard this rare pristine living valley. The  Lower Neversink River Valley has survived the environmental destruction of the 20th century. We will need to work together if we hope to preserve it through the 21st century.

Legal Disclaimer

The Organizations llisted here are in no way associated with, and do not necessarily support, The Neversink River Valley Community unless expressly stated. This website is a list of  publicly available information. We have attempted to compile the many sources of information serving, in some way, the health of the Neversink River Valley. Every effort is being made to get the permission of the various organizations for using their logo as link to their web page. If your organization's logo is listed here and you have special requirements for use of your logo please contact us and we will remove it immediately and will subsequently make every effort to comply with your organization's ByLaws.

No recommendation or assumption of serviceability is intended or implied by the Neversink River Valley Community.

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